The idea behind a pre-wash is to remove larger dirt particles. At this stage, a high-pressure hot water washer removes mud, grime and any other persistent pollutants through a special foam. This helps in that the following stages in the car washing process be shorter and, therefore, cheaper. Your distance from the vehicle should be at least 30cm due to the high pressure used.


At this stage, an in-depth cleaning is carried out with active foam containing a special powder. You can use the special foam brush only during this stage and only after the pre-wash so that any contaminants in solid form, such as mud, have been removed. This brush is really handy as you do not have to use a sponge, a mitt or any other means to wash your vehicle. In addition, its long handle makes washing possible in parts of your car that you would not be able to reach otherwise.


Last stage but one and absolutely necessary to move on is to rinse the soap and foam with cold soft water. This procedure helps to remove all difficult car body contaminants. Your distance from the vehicle should be at least 40cm due to high pressure used.


At this stage of washing, a special wax sprayed on the car body is the best way to ensure the paint stays shiny and bright for years to come. The wax helps prevent fading and scratching of the paint, acts as a water repellent to rainwater and adds a layer of protection that makes it more difficult for dirt and exhaust fumes to stick to your car’s paint. You can use it only after rinsing the soap. Your distance from vehicle should be at least 80cm due to high pressure used.


The last stage is washing the car with deionized water for a fast, spot-free drying. Deionized water contains a polishing dryer, is used for a perfect car body color finish and is ideal for protecting its color from oxidation. Your distance from the vehicle should be at least 60cm due to the high pressure used.